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Results for search term    ""how women cause war"" 
1. The Causes of War     ?
War is one of the responses by which one society tries to reduce the capacity of another society to obtain its objectives, when one or several of these are conflicting with those of the first society. By this response, society A tries to get the...... (1st)
2. Civil War Women - Exhibits at Duke University     ?
Furnishes the papers of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Alice Williamson, and Sarah E. Thompson. Also offers related links. (1st)
3. How women cause war! Robert R...     ?
... How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author. From: How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author Date:... (1st)
4. Women at War     ?
Redstone Arsenal Historical Information, the Army's most innovative historical site (2nd)
5. Hearts at Home: Southern Women in the Civil War     ?
Resource housed by the University of Virginia offers a look at primary source documents that depict the experience of Confederate wives. (2nd)
6. How women...     ?
... How women cause war by Robert Ray Hedges. From: (2nd)
7. All about Women in Viet Nam     ?
Women in Viet nam War, including army nurse corps, special services and red cross. This page is dedicated to the Red Cross, Special Services, Army Nurse Corps, and other civilian and military women (3rd)
8. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom     ?
WILPF aims to bring together women of different political beliefs to help abolish the causes of war and to work for peace and disarmament. (4th)
9. college term paper help - Other Achievements For Women - 260-000     ?
assistance for college students writing term papers on everything imaginable (5th)
10. Daily Diary     ?
Note: To protect the privacy of our patients we have changed their names and altered some of the information found in the daily entries (6th)
11. CAUSES OF WAR     ?
December 1999 Compiled by Joan Phillips, Bibliographer Air University Library Maxwell AFB, AL Behavior, Society, and Nuclear War, Volume I, edited by Philip E. Tetlock and others. New York, Oxford University Press, 1989. 401 p. Chapter...... Journal... (7th)
12. Lincoln, Mary Todd - American Civil War     ?
Chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary who never fully recovered the emotional instability caused by the death of their little boy Willie in 1862. (8th)
13. GenderGap - Women and the Military     ?
Women & The Military No marble tomb with honor guard Or tended grave with neat brass card No drums, no taps, no flags unfurled For veterans in the shadow world Of cardboard crates and railroad yards Their madness mocked by prison guards When guns... (9th)
14. - Woman's International League for Peace and Freedom     ?
Learn more about this organization whose goal is to unite women worldwide to oppose oppression, exploitation, racism, sexism, and homophobia. (10th)

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