June 26, 2005 How Women Cause War: How They will Resolve It Taking Over all Internet Networks
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How women cause war
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Taking Over all Internet Networks How Women Cause War: Mortality Resolution Arts How They will Resolve It!

How Women Cause War: The context of manifestation for humans is replication into the destructive testing of all dna based life forms. This translates into premeditated murder for women and their sperm donor co-conspirator(husbands?). Denial of inherited shame and guilt and cruelty to children places all recipients in a hypnotic psychical trance of pretense and contrived acting. The female breeding human has had millions of years to perfect her smoke and mirrors psychical strategies to avoid detection as a betrayer. The Mother PH*AU*C*K*E*R word is most often used as an emotionally expressed negative response in situations where a betrayal is experienced or suspected. In Christianity this role is assigned to Judas. In Eastern Philosphy, Brahma is the creator, Sheva is the Destroyer and Vishnu is the Preserver. In the New World Paradigm, the female Human would be both Brahma and Vishnu, the creator and preserver combined roles!
So, what we have here is The Creator(Mom)(the sexual replicator) is also the Destroyer (a default psychical modality of inherited and sustained ignorance; therefore the betrayer.
Mysticism, and Religions in particular, are subconsciously contrived to shift responsibility to the hypothetical male and mostly male gods.
In this context and across all cultures we have a hypnotic deception psychical virus in process with minor variations region to region. Deceit maintenance!
It is my job to reveal this virus to all of humanity and to cure it on an international basis.
The intention of exposure is not to contain judgement in the sense of to make wrong but to make right. Virtue takes place of ignorance and betrayal. This act will, by its very nature, empower humanity world wide. You will do your part by speech and begin your integrity process. It will spread by intention alone. By changing the intention to immortalising from the current deathing lie, resolution will accelerate. How women cause war!

How women cause war and how they will resolve it soon!
How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author From: How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author Date: 09 Apr 2003 Time: 14:56:41 Remote Name: Comments Certainly we can see that women (mothers) provide a continuous supply of warriors as all persons are created in mothers. What has not been made clear is the psychological mechanism that generates the negative emotional energy neccessary to kill another mothers UNATTENDED child. Certainly we can also see from prostitution that males are considered by humanity in general to be less valuable sexually, as they must pay for sex one way or another. That the mothers of sons have not objected to this devaluation is evidence of a genetically encoded tyranny that has escaped mainstream psychology for hundreds if not thousands of years. If mothers were leashed to their sons in any war, there would be no fighting, especially if the sexual devalution had been apologized for and completely retracted. How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author The inability of mainsteam media to pick up this story is evidence that humanity does not have the capacity to deal with truth, love or wars' resolution. Sad for the wounded and dead and those who care about them, that womens' fear based war is without end. The Appearance in the World of a Figure who the living dead called the AntiChrist (most of humanity is unborn psychically) has already occured.
The Creation of the Queen of Behiviour, Resolver of Destiny, Author of the United States of Earth, the Darwin Christ: Shesus,
Ruth of Truth
, is Assimilating Quantum Truth on behalf of all who now live and are due in the world (Babies). You can Assist this Most divine Being by being Quiet of Heart and Mind, and by Returning to Source and Lovingly and Intuitively begin your Own Clarification Transformation Aptitude Process. She will be awaiting your compleate surrender and cooperative attitude! Thank You. This Event has been in process on Earth for Nearly 4 billion years.
How women cause war! Robert Ray Hedges: Author
Why all parents create their children just to kill them
You are the living dead. In your lineage, all your ancestors are dead or dying. You use this statistical reality to defend your own death. Your mortality probability is connected to your belief which runs your intent. Cut the chain of bondage, walk out of your jail. Birth your will. Small talk is DEATH TALK! Surrender to eternal truth. Evolve your attitude. Enter Mandatory Eternal Physicality. Stop dying in front of children. You are their poison until you radiate resolution and integrity. Be the way. Light it up, NOW! Integrity and Itinerary!
Evolution constructed your high brain volume and its receptivity. Someone who proceeded you into clarity is communing with your mindspace now using these words. You ARE called forth from the great living sleep to light the path for those around you. Begin. Sept 9, 2003 A partial record has been layed down in the collective archaeological record; the sum of solar powered mutating dna life forms has left it's partial signature as fossils with some remaining in tact.
The sum of scientific analysis of this partial record has reached a temporarily conclusion, and not with full agreement, that the intrinsic implicit intention of this activity is a quest for survival, an eternity quest achieving only partial success. Humanoids have attempted to document and understand this tree of evolving survival aptitude mechanism in all of its extreme diversity. In our own case, in our own species, we must use sexuality, with its genetic roulette and its involuntarily and imposing essence, to force children to become another overpopulated dying person placed involuntarily in danger and guaranteed to die of some "cause" and reframe that intention as "love"?. And we have variously created a psuedo-savior Jesus, and others, in a futile attempt to relieve us of guilt for placing all chilled-run into mortal danger without their permission. This sexually based child endangerment/destruction act is full of massive self deceit and guilt AND remains this guilt remains completely unresolved, held in widespread denial denied! Thus I, Robert Ray Hedges, have created Mortality Resolution International with its Children's Immortalisation Network socialisation strategies division aspect as an attempt to complete evolutions' implicit intent and relieve humanity of its implicit intrinsic guilt for having created all children, involuntarily, just to kill them! Here inlies a huge motivational resource for rationalisation and self deception and the basis of false prophets is also to be found here in our heterosexual biological sexual replication of the unconsentable to-be-destroyed malicious KIDS! THE DECEIVED.
Da Eternal dna is the consciouness seed of the universe. Because the ever violent universe,
largely void of ethic except for the eventual product [us], cannot protect nurseries such as earth from violence, the
evolution has been modified and delayed by chaotic internal and external forces. Not only are all dna prototypes [us]
destructively tested, but, occassionally, as seen in our collective archaeological record, many complete species can be
simultaneously extinguished in a single event such as the iridium flavored asteroid impact of approximately 60 million
years ago.

It is coming clear to a few individuals that our position and opportunity as the real savior is now accelerating. It is
known roughly as "the quickening". Confusion, belief, and speculation have all run their course. Prophets and those posing as
prophets have come and gone and left their mark. Statistically evident is the fact that all parents are still breeding to
kill as they are still in the pre-ethical pre-clarity paradigm of human replicative intention. Guilt denied controls the
intellect to make 100% excuses in the place of mortality resolution. Freedom, which is more accurately described as
die-on-schedulism, is definitely a huge problem.

In the last seven years of attempting to internetedly bring clarity to my family, friends, community, nation and world, I
have been met with a total wall of resistance (except for Edmont of Newzealand). My last chance to communicate to my species
is with the newest members, children, who are not yet fully deceived and hypnotised by parents, teachers, priests,
politicians and peers!

The youth of earth are the final psychical/sociological aperature of resolutionary opportunity and the internet has
appeared in perfect timing. How Women Cause War